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Company Law for Knowledge - GD/ PD

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Instructor: CS Deepak Gajrani (FCS, LL.B.)

Language: English & Hindi

Validity Period: 180 days

Max Viewing Hours: 700 Hours

₹6000.00 excluding 18% GST



Syllabus Coverage: 100% Syllabus as per ICSI Module including case studies, plus you will get extra knowledge for strong fundamental base that will help you in training and in building up successful professional career.

Significance of paper: Company Law is core area in CS Profession. We also say that it is mother law for any company, and then there are other branches of laws like FEMA, Competition Act, IBC, SEBI Regulations for specialisation. It is conceptually very important paper for students and trainees as well as for professional to become good corporate manager or advisor or statutory officer.

Lectures Availability: FOR LATEST FULLY UPDATED CONCEPTS - Class-room Recorded Lectures will be provided (And for few topics having amendments, the amendment lectures are recorded and provided REPLACING THE OLD LECTURES, and due to COVID 19 situation face to face Classes are not being conducted till next Govt Orders.)        

 [Books are updated till 10th May 2021]

Language in video lectures : English & Hindi

Language in Books / study material / Notes :- English..

Notes: Hard Copy of 3 Books of this subject will be despatched by courier to the student within 3 working days (excluding public holidays / national holidays) after postal address is provided on payment. [or non-printable e-book if student is not interested in Hard copy book.]

Google Drive / Pen-Drive Serial Key: Serial Key for google drive / pen-drive will be mailed on gmail-id, provided by the student, within 3 working days (excluding public holidays / national holidays) after the payment is received and gmail-id is provided on payment.

Pen-drive / Micro SD card - will be despatched by courier to the student within 3 working days (excluding public holidays / national holidays) after postal address is provided on payment.

Information to be provided by student -

After making payment on payment gateway, students are required to fill a form, for providing the following information –

1.            Gmail-id (for installation of lectures),

2.            Postal address (for courier of pen-drive / Books / Micro SD),

3.            ICSI / ICAI / ICMAI – Registration number.

4.            ICSI / ICAI / ICMAI – Online Identity Card (attach .jpg file)


             In-depth knowledge,

             Maximum Interpretations all over India for strong corporate career.



1. Basic Concept of Companies

2.  Prospectus

3. Share Capital

4. Membership

5. Public Deposits


6. E- Filing & MCA 21

7. Mortgages & Charges

8. Debentures

9. Oppression Mismanagement

10. General Meeting

11. Dividend

12. Books of Accounts

13. Statutory Audit & Auditors

14. Compromise, Arrangement & Amalgamation


15. Appointment and Removal of Board of Directors       

16. Board Meetings

17. Powers of Board of Directors, Audit Committee

18. Related Party Transactions

19. Inter-corporate Investments, Loans, Guarantees and Securities.

20. Key Managerial Personnel and Remuneration of Directors etc.

21. Compensation for loss of office.


Phone numbers for purchase of lectures - 9810144802, 9560196402, 011-45094354 /55, 011-45093092, 9560196407

Whatsapp & Solve your Lectures related conceptual doubts directly with Sir on 8448804439.

Installation of Video Lectures : 6203383639, 9580418356.

Technical Support / trouble shooting : 6203383639.       

Please note - If you are buying in pen-drive  / google drive mode, then this course will run on ONE LAPTOP. Make sure that you are not updating the laptop after installing the software.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for google drive or pen-drive -

Operating System – Windows 7,7,8.1,10 (Windows XP, Windows Home Premium or below not supported

RAM - 4 GB (Minimum)

Processor – If Dual core- Minimum 1GB Graphic Card Required (Inbuilt or External)

If i3,i5,i7 & above – Integrated Graphic Card is Mandatory(500MB+)

NOTE - In case of any interruption in playing video lectures on Laptop due to Windows Upgrade/ formatting of system/ laptop change/ any technical issue related to laptop - Rs. 500+gst will be charged for troubleshooting and tech support.

So, kindly keep your laptop up to the mark before activating the lectures

Important FAQs -

How many times the videos can be watched?

The videos can be watched 2 times fully.

One video can be watched 2 times. For eg - one lecture is of 60 minutes. Time allotted = 60 * 2 times = 120 minutes. If you open the video and watch it for 40 minutes only then remaining time will be = 120 - 40 = 80 minutes So time will also keep reducing and you can watch the lectures until the time is reduced to 0 minutes.

When will the video course expire?

This video course will expire after June 2021 Exams.

Extension Policy  – 

Rs. 1000* for extension upto 1 month beyond initial validity period.  

Rs. 2000* for extension upto 2 month beyond initial validity period.  

Rs. 3000* for extension upto 3 month beyond initial validity period.  

Rs. 4000* for extension upto 6 month beyond initial validity period.  

*GST Extra

No extension beyond 6 months. 

Granting the extension or not is solo discretion of administrative team.

NOTE - Extension means permission to play remaining unseen lectures in the existing course with existing encryption key.

NOTE- Extension does not include the issuance of new encryption key after the expiry of original key.

Consequences of Copying/Buying/Selling/Harming the videos -

1.            All videos are COPYRIGHTED.

2.            Any kind of hacking or causing any sort of damage to the videos is a PUNISHABLE offence.

3.           Please do NOT try to record the lectures by any other means. If you are found BUYING or SELLING the lectures illegally then you will be liable to pay a heavy amount as compensation and many more legal actions will be taken.

Cancellation/Refund Policy -

* Course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.

* Fees is non-refundable.

* Course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.

* Course is non-transferable.

* Course can be extended according to the terms and conditions decided by the Administration

As per RBI's Directive, w.e.f. October 01, 2020, any Indian debit/credit card not yet used for online E-Commerce will be blocked for all online transactions. In case of such failure, please contact your card issuing bank to enable online usage.

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