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Deepak Gajrani Classes is aimed at providing best quality professional knowledge to the students of CS community and to CA and CMA students. We create and deliver unparalleled quality lectures for students in CS community. Our Glorious past of 21 years in face to face classes and thousands of professionally successful students give us a sense of pride and delight, and provide us fire to continue on our mission for many more years to come. 

We welcome you to the World of Excellence in Knowledge in CS Executive and CS Professional Program. We invite you to become part of our family of successful professionals on the journey of enhancing the knowledge, improving the overall personality, and getting motivated for bigger purposes in life.

OUR MISSION is - to inject strong interpretation skills in the mind, body and blood of CS students with perfect grip on Bare Act (Companies Act, 2013), SEBI Regulations, FEMA, FDI, IBC, Competition Act etc. 

OUR VISION is - to create a sphere of quality CS professionals capable of becoming the Best corporate managers and advisors who will stand apart from others in crowd on the scale of knowledge. 

WE SUPPORT - We have always supported financially weak students in past and we take pledge to continue to do the same in future also.

We are thankful to our students who have created successful professional career in multiple dimensions – such as merchant banking, top law firms, big four CA firms, as Practising Company Secretaries, or in Corporates, Stock Market, SEZs, SEBI, MCA, as Insolvency Professionals etc. and made us proud of them.

We have strong belief that – “Next Generation shall have better knowledge base than previous generation, and still stay humble because gaining knowledge is an endless process till the end of life”. 

Right from the first step in CSEET we want the students in move in the RIGHT direction in life, therefore we inspire the students to - “Read behind the words and between the lines” and develop skills of interpretation of law from the very beginning.

We look beyond exams, into the corporate sector and the demands and expectations of corporate sector from CS students as trainees and professionals and therefore in our lectures we include corporate examples for better understanding of all subjects.

We also wish to provide best quality knowledge in Corporate Laws to students of CA and CMA so that they develop strong Legal Interpretation skills which will support their core subjects like Audit etc. CS Deepak Gajrani has an experience of 16 years in teaching face to face classes of CA Final Law and his some of the past video recorded lectures can be seen on youtube even now with very high viewership.

Globally, the Company Secretaries are considered as the “Governing Professionals and Statutory Compliance Officers” in Corporate Sector. Deepak Gajrani Classes, India’s most trusted learning platform for CS Students, is trying to provide the best education and guidance to the CS Students all over India. With fundamentally best conceptual classes in Pen Drive and Online mode in India, we are reaching the remotest CS Student of the country.
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